Does litter along Massachusetts roadsides, beaches, and public spaces bug you?

If so,  register for the 2017 Great Massachusetts Litter Cleanup and help us address the mess!

Join the Great Massachusetts Litter Cleanup

Great Massachusetts Litter CleanupThe Great Massachusetts Litter Cleanup takes place in communities across the state during the months of April and May each year. This program provides an opportunity to join with your neighbors, friends, family, or co-workers to clean up the vast amount of litter that detracts from the beauty of our great state.


The Great Massachusetts Litter Cleanup is part of Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup. Great American Cleanup events transform public spaces by engaging volunteers to clean up and beautify public spaces. These events bring communities together and inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.


In 2015, 5.4 million Great American Cleanup volunteers collected more than 62 million pounds of litter and debris. More than 96,000 miles of roads, shorelines, and waterways were cleaned. Nearly 50,000 trees were planted.

Here in Massachusetts, we also achieved some amazing results:

Infographic_MassCleanUp_2016 v3


We are currently seeking volunteer Cleanup Captains to organize litter cleanups in Massachusetts communities in the spring of 2017. We offer training and guidance to make it easier for you to get your cleanup event organized and attract as many volunteers as possible. Register as a Cleanup Captain or as a volunteer today!

Download your Great Massachusetts Litter Cleanup Captain Startup Kit documents here:



If you are interested in leading a 2017 Great Massachusetts Litter Cleanup event in your community, please register or contact us with any questions.


If your business would like to participate or become a partner for the 2017 Great Massachusetts Litter Cleanup, please contact us or visit our donation page to make an investment in Massachusetts.


If you’re a volunteer looking for a cleanup event in which to participate, please visit our events page to find an event in your area or contact us for more information.