Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has issued a proclamation declaring the month of April 2017 to be “Keep Massachusetts Beautiful Month.”


Keep Massachusetts Beautiful MonthThe Governor’s proclamation urges Massachusetts residents to participate in the Great Massachusetts Litter Cleanup to help protect and improve the physical appearance and beauty of the Commonwealth’s neighborhoods, towns, cities, and public spaces.

The Great Massachusetts Litter Cleanup takes place in communities across the Commonwealth during the months of April and May each year. These events provide an opportunity for volunteers to join with their neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers to clean up the vast amount of litter that detracts from the beauty of their cities and towns.

During last year’s Great Massachusetts Litter Cleanup, more than 8,000 volunteers in 50 communities removed nearly 33 tons of trash from the Massachusetts landscape. This year, we hope to make an even bigger impact, and we thank for Governor Baker and his administration for their support.

Keep Massachusetts Beautiful is taking action to create a more beautiful, litter-free state, which is good for the state’s economy, the local environment, and the people of Massachusetts. To get involved as a Cleanup Captain, a volunteer, or a business sponsor, visit or email



Learn how to get involved in the 2017 Great Massachusetts Litter Cleanup.

Text of Governor’s Proclamation:

Whereas Massachusetts desires to protect and improve the physical appearance and beauty of the Commonwealth’s neighborhoods, towns, cities, and public spaces; and
Whereas a clean, litter-free environment contributes to the emotional, physical, and economic wellbeing of our citizens; and
Whereas The Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs and several other groups across the Commonwealth offer opportunities and programs for residents to get involved in cleaning up their communities and our public spaces, and
Whereas The Great Massachusetts Litter Cleanup helps organize volunteers from across the Commonwealth to collect and remove litter from our communities and public spaces, including roadsides, beaches, and parks, in an effort to keep the Commonwealth clean and beautiful; and
Whereas Keep Massachusetts Beautiful builds and sustains vibrant communities by creating clean, beautiful public places; reducing waste and increasing recycling; generating positive impact on the local economy; and inspiring generations of environmental stewards; and
Whereas The Commonwealth recognizes the role that all citizens play in keeping our 329 towns and 39 cities clean and beautiful for current and future generations,
Now, therefore, I, Charles D. Baker, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, do hereby proclaim the month of April 2017 to be KEEP MASSACHUSETTS BEAUTIFUL MONTH.
And urge all citizens of the Commonwealth to take cognizance of this event and participate fittingly in its observance.