Frequently Asked Questions: Keep Massachusetts Beautiful


What is Keep Massachusetts Beautiful’s mission?

We help residents, government, and business leaders work together to keep Massachusetts communities clean, green, and litter-free. Our core impact areas include:

  • Litter cleanup and prevention: We help communities understand who and what is causing litter. We help local leaders organize volunteer litter cleanup events. We also provide resources to help change behaviors and prevent litter in the first place.
  • Beautification and community greening: Our affiliates improve public spaces with beautification projects, tree planting, and other infrastructure improvements to build community pride.
  • Recycling and Waste Reduction: We promote effective recycling programs to reduce the volume of trash that ends up in landfills or as litter along our roadsides and in our waterways.


How do towns and cities benefit from having a local Keep Massachusetts Beautiful affiliate?

Since 1953, the Keep America Beautiful organization has provided a replicable framework for community education and hands-on stewardship that reduces litter, encourages recycling, promotes grassroots volunteerism, and makes sustainable improvement possible for communities of all sizes. Affiliates have built upon this behavior change framework to create innovative, locally-focused programs that address the specific needs of their diverse geographies and populations.

Keep America Beautiful’s community-based affiliates represent urban, suburban, and rural communities with varying populations and budgets. They all share the same desire to engage their citizens in building and sustaining vibrant communities through litter prevention, recycling and waste reduction, beautification, and greening.

Affiliates benefit by having a dedicated group of concerned citizens who work to keep their towns clean, green, and litter free. Affiliates organize volunteers, local businesses, and municipal resources to improve the appearance of their communities through a variety of programs, such as:

  • Annual and/or monthly community litter cleanups
  • Beautification programs, such as Adopt-a-Spot programs, tree planting, public gardens, etc.
  • Educational events to teach students, residents and businesses how to reduce litter and increase recycling
  • For every $1 invested, affiliates return an average of $34 in benefits to their communities

Keep Massachusetts Beautiful affiliates serve as community watchdogs. They identify the sources of litter, graffiti, and blight and organize community resources to address these problems. They also provide a convenient way for local students and citizens to meet community service requirements.


What are the Benefits of Becoming a Keep Massachusetts Beautiful affiliate?

  • Hands-on Local Support: Keep Massachusetts Beautiful provides ongoing support to help new affiliates get set up for success. This includes fundraising support, logo design, website and e-newsletter templates, local signage, and social media support.
  • Networking Opportunities: Affiliates can tap into the resources, knowledge, and experience of hundreds of peers and 600+ affiliates across the U.S. who are implementing Keep America Beautiful’s behavior-change methodology and programs. This includes the Annual National Conference.
  • Grant Opportunities: Over the past several years, KAB affiliates have received grants and in-kind services valued at more than $12 million. More information is available at
  • National Affiliate Awards: KAB’s exclusive awards program provides public recognition for innovative local initiatives and achievements. See examples at
  • Organizational and Professional Training: KAB provides ongoing training sessions throughout the year to support local affiliates.
  • KAB Executive Director Online Forums: Access to online tools, documents, networking opportunities and reporting tools via a password-protected site.
  • Ongoing Daily Support: Affiliates receive regular email blasts with news and resources to assist in the affiliate’s progress and community impact.


What is Keep Massachusetts Beautiful’s affiliation with Keep America Beautiful?

Keep Massachusetts Beautiful is one of 25 certified state-level Keep America Beautiful affiliates. As a state-level affiliate, we focus on growing the number of local affiliates across the state of Massachusetts. We oversee statewide programs, such as the Great Massachusetts Cleanup. And, we provide hands-on consulting, training, and logistical support to help local Keep Massachusetts Beautiful affiliates get organized and succeed.


Is Keep Massachusetts Beautiful a 501(c)(3) nonprofit?

Yes. We are a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit. You can learn more about us at Guidestar.


Where does Keep Massachusetts Beautiful obtain its funding?

Currently, we are a 100% volunteer-operated organization. We are seeking to raise funds through individual donations and corporate sponsorships. Visit our Donation page if you would like to help.


How do I form a local Keep Massachusetts Beautiful affiliate in my community?

We train affiliates on everything they need to know about forming and running a successful nonprofit organization. All potential new affiliates are required to participate in a certification training offered locally by KAB National Trainers. Two training sessions are required:

  • Community Training includes an overview of KAB and its behavioral-based change process to dealing with community improvement issues. Trainers provide instructions to a Community Team on conducting the Community Appearance Index and Focus Area Survey to gather facts about your community.
  • Affiliation Training is conducted after the completion of the benchmarking tools and includes a more extensive discussion of the behavioral-based change process, strategic planning, and goal setting for the new affiliate board.

Are there any costs involved in becoming a certified affiliate?

A one-time certification fee covers the cost of hands-on training. The fee is based on the population of your community:

Population:                       One-Time Certification Fee:
0 – 7,500                                                  $1,000
7,501 – 15,000                                         $2,000
15,001 – 50,000                                       $3,000
50,001+                                                     $4,000


Affiliates are also subject to annual dues that range between $50 and $500 each year. If you reporesent an existing organization that would like to affiliate with Keep America Beautiful, the migration fee is a flat $1,000.


Keep Massachusetts Beautiful provides fundraising support to potential new affiliates. We can help you appeal to your local business community for donations to cover the cost of your certification training.


Where can I get additional information?


Please email us at or call executive director Neil Rhein at 508-320-8621.