The Great Massachusetts Litter Cleanup is coming to communities across the state during the months of April andGreat Massachusetts Litter Cleanup May 2017. We are currently seeking motivated Community Cleanup Coordinators.


Here are three reasons to organize a Great Massachusetts Litter Cleanup event in your community:
1. You’ll Send a Strong Anti-Littering Message. Research shows that when people see a littered landscape, they often conclude that it must be acceptable behavior to add to the mess. Organizing a Great Massachusetts Litter Cleanup event can send the opposite message. The sight of your volunteers will signal would-be litterers that tossing trash out of car windows is not a socially accepted behavior. Young people in your community will also learn about the importance of community service.
2. The Personal Satisfaction That Comes From a Successful Community Service Event. Organizing a local litter cleanup event requires a commitment of time and energy. But your efforts will be rewarded! Think of the satisfaction of watching volunteers give your community a thorough spring cleaning and the tangible results of your efforts.
3. The Start of Something Bigger. A successful litter cleanup can be the springboard toward the creation of a permanent committee of volunteers who will work to reduce litter, improve recycling, and enhance the overall appearance and health of your community. Many Keep Massachusetts Beautiful affiliates got their start by organizing litter cleanups. Learn more about the benefits of launching a Keep Massachusetts Beautiful affiliate.


Keep Massachusetts Beautiful provides planning, logistical, and material support for your cleanup event. We can help you recruit volunteers, publicize your event, and provide free trash bags and low-cost tee shirts for your volunteers.

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