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Green Internship & Job Fair Spring 2021

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
2:30 pm4:30 pm
Virtual on ZOOM
Green Internship & Job Fair Spring 2021

To support your recruiting & networking needs we invite you to participate in this virtual fair. Connect virtually with diversely skilled undergraduate, graduate students, and alumni!

What We Are Offering—
An assigned Zoom Breakout Room for your organization to use throughout the event where you can:
Host an OPEN 2 hour recruiting/networking session. Here, students/alumni may join and leave the Employer Hosted Zoom Breakout Room(s) at any given time.

During your session please consider:
Educating potential candidates about your organization’s basic information, recruitment needs as well as best application practices. (Use any combination of your own prerecorded video with live video/audio Zoom presentation.) Leave time and encourage students/alumni to submit questions either in your designated Zoom Chat room or by unmuting themselves.

Click on the registration button below and answer the survey questions.

NOTE: Please complete a registration for yourself. Then identify and register another colleague who will be your back-up in case of an emergency.

NOTE: Upon the completion of employer registration, students/alumni will begin the basic pre-registration for the recruiting/networking event. Do remember that the event is "OPEN" and student/alumni may join and leave the Employer Hosted Breakout Room as they wish.

Thank you.