Join The Countdown to a Styrofoam-Free Dunkies!

We are eagerly anticipating the year 2020! That's the year by which Dunkin Brands has pledged to eliminate the use of all non-recyclable Styrofoam cups from its global supply chain, including Massachusetts!

Please donate and help us partner with other Massachusetts coffee chains, fast food restaurants, and convenience stores to adopt more environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Did You Know?

  • During the annual Great Massachusetts Cleanup, polystyrene cups (commonly referred to as Styrofoam) consistently rank among the most common items collected
  • Polystyrene does not decompose and will remain in the environment indefinitely
  • There is no viable market or infrastructure for recycling polystyrene on a mass scale in Massachusetts 
  • Birds, fish, and other animals often mistake small pieces of polystyrene for food and ingest it
  • Styrene has been shown to be an animal carcinogen and when heated (as with hot coffee) it can leach into your beverage

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