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Keep Boston Beautiful

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About Us

Keep Boston Beautiful

Help Make Boston a Cleaner, Greener Place to Live, Work, and Play

Keep Cape Cod Beautiful

Keep Boston Beautiful (KBB) is a volunteer-led community of people who live or work in Boston and want our city to be clean, green, and litter-free.

KBB is working to clean up and green up Boston in partnership with local municipal government leaders, the Boston Department of Public Works, and local businesses.

We welcome volunteers who would like to join our steering committee or get involved with local litter cleanups and other beautification projects in each of Boston's different neighborhoods. 

If you are interested in getting involved, please email us to join our committee, sign up as a volunteer, or donate. 

Please join our Facebook group and follow us on Instagram.

We are seeking donations to help further our mission and we will be sure to put your funds to use in an effective and efficient manner. Please use the form below to donate.

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