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Take Action!

Join the Massachusetts Litter Cleanup Crew

Take Action

Join the Massachusetts Litter Cleanup Crew

Mass Litter Cleanup Crew

Take the Pledge and Keep Your Neighborhood Litter-Free.

  • Does the sight of plastic beverage containers, empty plastic bottles, aluminum cans, styrofoam cups, cigarette butts, or plastic bags littering your neighborhood impact your sense of community pride?
  • Do you wish you could set an example that would encourage others to care about keeping your community clean as much as you do?
  • Are you ready to take action to keep your neighborhood and community clean and litter-free?

If you answered yes, take the pledge and join the Massachusetts Litter Cleanup Crew!

You will be joining more than 1,000 motivated environmental heroes who are already making a positive impact in their communities!

Be an Environmental Hero in Your Community

How the Litter Cleanup Crew program works:

Simply incorporate litter cleanups into your daily walks, whether those walks are by yourself, with your dog, or with your family and friends. To make the task easier for you, we'll ship you an official Massachusetts Litter Cleanup Crew kit that includes:

  • A litter cleanup/grabber tool
  • An official Mass Litter Cleanup Crew safety T-shirt
  • An official Mass Litter Cleanup Crew reusable trash bag
  • A pair of high-quality gloves
  • A KMB-branded reusable litter bag for your car

Each Litter Cleanup Crew kit costs us about $35, including shipping. To help offset these expenses, we request a minimum donation of $25 to Keep Massachusetts Beautiful (a higher amount is most certainly appreciated if you can afford it). Thank you in advance for your support.

Note: if you are a student or have a financial hardship, let us know and we can make an exception for you.