Environmental Education

Environmental Education Programs to Inspire Future Leaders

The future of our planet's environment rests in the hands of today's young people.

Students and young adults will inherit many of the challenges that older generations created. The challenges of plastic pollution, contamination of oceans, climate change, and a host of other issues will require creative solutions.

To inspire the next generation of environmental scientists, advocates, and leaders, we need to provide environmental educational opportunities. We have listed a few Massachachusetts-based and national resources below.


Talking Trash is an interactive Keep Massachusetts Beautiful powerpoint presentation that teaches students about recycling and litter. We offer three versions that target different age groups: 3rd graders, 6th graders, and 9th graders. Each program can be delivered in less than one hour. The program can be delivered within classrooms or in larger assemblies.Contact us if you are interested in implementing this program within your schools.

The GREEN TEAM is an interactive educational program that empowers students and teachers to help the environment through waste reduction, recycling, composting, energy conservation, and pollution prevention. Participating classes receive certificates of recognition and are eligible to win awards.  Learn more at www.thegreenteam.org.

Change is Simple is a Beverly, Mass-based nonprofit that instills lifelong social and environmental responsibility in children through experiential and project-based learning that inspires critical thinking and action for healthy people, planet & community.  Learn more at www.changeissimple.org.

Teachers Going Green is a comprehensive program that combines best practice and educational research in more than 160 lessons that can stand alone, but are more powerful when used as a comprehensive unit. Learn more about Teachers Going Green.

Project GreenSchools is working to develop the next generation of environmental leaders through hands-on, project-based, solutions-based learning, community service, and action. Students work at the intersection of STEM meets energy, environment and public health, while developing sustainable solutions, soft skills, as well as college and career readiness. Learn more at www.projectgreenschools.org.

Waste in Place is a Keep America Beautiful educational program developed for pre-K through sixth-grade students. The Waste in Place Activity Kit includes activities, lessons, and games that encourage positive behavior and foster environmental responsibility. Learn more about Waste in Place.

Keep America Beautiful's Youth Advisory Council provides a unique opportunity for high school students from diverse backgrounds across the nation to participate in a service-learning and leadership development program. Keep America Beautiful selects 10 students nationwide to contribute to Keep America Beautiful programs, while acting as ambassadors and leaders for youth service in their communities. Learn more about the Youth Advisory Council. 

GreenCents Communications develops customized communications campaigns designed to teach Massachusetts residents to recycle and to recycle correctly. GreenCents serves municipal recycling coordinators, schools, businesses, and waste disposal & recycling companies.  Learn more at www.greencentscommunications.com.