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Talking Trash & Recycling: Learn to Recycle Smart in Massachusetts!

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The cost and complexity of managing trash and recycling is a significant challenge for communities and businesses across Massachusetts. These challenges include:

  • Confusion about what should go in the trash and what should go in the recycling bin
  • High contamination rates (contamination occurs when people throw non-recyclable items in their recycling bins)
  • A misconception that recycling is not worth the effort and these items end up in the trash (not true!)
  • Staying up-to-date on the latest changes to recycling practices

Our Talking Trash & Recycling program is an interactive presentation that teaches residents, employees, and students about what happens to their trash and recyclables here in Massachusetts. Learn about the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection's innovative new Recycle Smart MA program.

Attendees will also learn to reduce the amount of trash they generate, improve their recycling habits, make small changes to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, and help the state of Massachusetts achieve its solid waste reduction goals.

This fun, engaging, and interactive program is delivered in 45 minutes, with 15-30 additional minutes of questions and answers at the end.

Please note: For business audiences, the suggested minimum donation to schedule a Talking Trash & Recycling presentation is $250 ($150 for a Zoom presentation). For schools, libraries, and other nonprofit organizations, the suggested donation is $150 ($75 for a Zoom presentation). However, exceptions will be made for organizations that don't have any budget to make a donation.


Feedback on our Presentation:

Dear Keep Massachusetts Beautiful,

I am writing from the Southwest Boston Community Development Corporation’s (SWBCDC) Hyde Park Green Team to thank you for your support and training that you provide for our summer youth employment program. Our youth have learned so much valuable information from you about Keep Massachusetts Beautiful and where their trash goes. They said your presentation inspired them to be more conscious about their waste and how they dispose of it. Overall, the youth said your presentation was very informative and helpful. 


Perla Lara
Green Team Program Coordinator

I enjoyed the presentation last night for the town of Charlton! As a Charlton resident and a Casella employee I thought it was extremely relevant---I will definitely recommend it to other communities.

Paul Degnan, Charlton MA

Request a Zoom or In-Person Presentation!

We can deliver a customized Talking Trash & Recycling presentation online between the hours of 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. The only requirement is a minimum audience size of 15.

If you are an individual and want to attend a presentation, go to our event calendar to see if there is a previously scheduled presentation you can join. 

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Confused about What Goes in Your Recycling Bin? Check Out Recycle Smart MA

  • Do plastic bags belong in your recycling bin? No!
  • Are styrofoam coffee cups recyclable? No!
  • Can I recycle a pizza box? In most cases, yes!

Don't be a "wish-cycler." The contamination of recyclable materials degrades their value and can make them impossible to recycle.

Get quick answers to everyday recycling questions using MassDEP's Recyclopedia Tool


Become a Recycle Smart MA Partner!

The Recycle Smart MA Partner Program is free to join and open to any organization that wants to play an active role in promoting better recycling in Massachusetts.

Join hundreds of municipalities, nonprofits, businesses, and community groups that have become Recycle Smart MA Partners. 

Partner benefits include:

  • Timely, informative content to use in your recycling education efforts
  • Behind-the-scenes information on Massachusetts recycling markets and news
  • Recycle Smart MA partner badge for your website and email signature
  • Access to embedding code to integrate Recyclopedia search widget on your website

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