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Team Up With Your Co-Workers to Keep the Community Near Your Place of Business Litter-Free

Take Action

Join Massachusetts Employers for Clean Communities

Make a Tangible Difference in Your Local Community!

Are you and your co-workers looking for an easy way to make a positive impact in the communities where you work? If so, sign up for our new Massachusetts Employers for Clean Communities program and keep the neighborhoods and parks near your place of work litter-free all year long.

We will ship you all the supplies* you need, including:

  • Garbo Grabber trash pickup tools
  • Customized, company-branded safety vests
  • Gloves

Once your business is fully equipped, employee volunteers can go out and clean up around your business and the local community on a regular basis. We'll all also provide you with guidance and training on how to conduct litter cleanups safely and effectively.

*Please note: we require a donation to cover the cost of supplies and shipping. Final cost is dependent on quantities.

Get Started By Ordering Your Supplies Today

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We recommend using Garbo Grabber trash pickup tools
Please indicate how many Garbo Grabbers you need (cost is $15 each)
We recommend that all volunteers wear safety vests
Please indicate how many custom-branded safety vests you need (cost is $25 per vest)
We recommend using gloves
Please indicate how many pairs of gloves you need (at a cost of $3 per pair)
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