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Litter Prevention & Cleanup

Help Reduce the Volume of Marine Debris and Plastic in Our Waterways

Litter Prevention & Cleanup

Clean Coast Coalition

We're working to make our waterways clean and beautiful places for all to enjoy

Keep Massachusetts Beautiful and Seaside Sustainability have teamed up to launch the Clean Coast Coalition to address the marine debris problem along New England coastlines and waterways through action and education.

Clean Coast Coalition’s goal is to improve local water-based ecosystems through the use of “BlueTechnology” devices, such as the PixieDrone and the BeBot. The PixieDrone is a remote-controlled aqua-drone that conducts water quality testing, records and transmits live footage, and filters debris and invasive fauna out of the water to be separated into four categories; trash, compostables, plastics, and other recyclables. Removing this water-based debris creates a safer and more enjoyable environment for marine organisms and humans alike. 

Clean Coast Coalition will use this BlueTech device to not only reduce the amount of harmful debris in local waters, but also to educate the local community about the dangers of litter and marine debris in their environment. Through the collection of marine debris retrieved by the device, we aim to raise awareness and inspire residents to prevent debris from entering local waterways in the first place.

Commercial and consumer debris represent distinct but interconnected facets of the broader issue of marine pollution. Commercial debris often originates from industrial activities, shipping cargo, and fishing operations. Alternatively, consumer debris encompasses the improper disposal of plastic bottles, packaging, and single-use plastics, often originating from individual habits or poor waste management. Both forms of debris pose significant threats to marine ecosystems, and addressing this complex challenge requires a comprehensive approach that addresses the sources, management, and reduction of both commercial and consumer debris to promote a healthier and more sustainable marine environment.

Blue Technology Tools to Fight Marine Debris

Schedule a Marine Debris Cleanup & Educational Event

Clean Coast Coalition (CCC) hosts marine debris cleanup events and demonstrations at harbors, marinas, lakes, and other waterways across Massachusetts. Each event features a cleanup of a local waterway. Ideally, each event will also include a nearby land-based litter cleanup to prevent these materials from entering the local waterway. 

The ideal audience for these events typically includes local residents, students, employees from local businesses, and any other interested stakeholders. If you are interested in hosting a CCC Cleanup, please complete and submit the form below.

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Sponsor Clean Coast Coalition!

We are seeking financial supporters to help us grow and manage this program. Contact us to learn about our sponsorship levels or if you'd like to donate, select the Donate button below. 

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