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Keep Salem Beautiful Cleanup!

Saturday, November 13, 2021
10:00 am12:00 pm
Leavitt and Naumkeag Streets. Meet at the basketball court.

Hey Everyone!

It was great to see so many people help out on Sunday, October 3rd! We had another good turnout that included a bunch of new faces, which is always good to see. Thank you all for the many hours you’ve put in to make our projects a success and to better the community. I’ve spoken with so many of you throughout the last couple of events and it’s so impressive to hear how committed all of you are to the city of Salem. As you all saw, you had a great impact on the downtown area. That might have been perhaps the most trash we’ve ever collected, at least in a while. We cleaned up over 15 streets, including but not limited to Washington Street, Canal Street and the bike path it’s next to, Margin street, and Church Street.

We’re planning our next cleanup for Saturday, November 13, from 10-12. This one will be back in the Point on the corner of Leavitt and Naumkeag Street, and we’ll meet at the basketball court. I hope to see many of you there again!

I also wanted to include two reminders for those of you who missed them.

Keep Beverly Beautiful is looking for a new chapter leader, so if any of you live in Beverly or know someone who lives in Beverly and would be interested it might be worth looking into.

Lastly, Keep Massachusetts Beautiful will send a grabber, a t-shirt, a reusable trash bag, and high-quality gloves to anyone who takes the pledge to keep their neighborhood clean and donates at least 10 dollars. I’d say that’s a good deal. The Keep Massachusetts Beautiful Litter Cleanup Crew link is below.

Thanks again, Everyone!