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Navigating Municipal Compost Options Webinar

Wednesday, May 22, 2024
10:30 am12:00 pm

Navigating Municipal Compost Options: How to Increase Organics Diversion Cost Effectively

A Webinar

We face challenging times ahead. The cost of waste removal is increasing, we are reaching local landfill capacity, and we rely heavily on imported synthetic fertilizers that deplete our soil of nutrients. Diverting organics from the waste stream and turning it into compost is the lowest hanging fruit to solve these issues.

Join CEO Conor Miller and Municipal Coordinator Rosie Warburton for a webinar to learn what you can start doing now to build an organics collection program in your town and create systematic change for a sustainable tomorrow. We'll discuss:
• Why composting is important
• Where to start and what options exist for cities/towns
• Successful local programs and how they took off
• Incentives, grants, private vs municipal funding
• Ways Black Earth Compost can partner with towns to reduce costs
• The best end use for food scraps and organics
• Q & A - Ask Us Anything