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Here’s a little prayer and apology I make as I pick up trash and work along roads, waterways and woodlands. Pat Conaway, President & Founder, Keep Natick Beautiful

Donate textiles to keep them out of landfills and incinerators,—regardless of their condition.

Massachusetts beaches and coastlines are under siege—not by sharks, seals, or lobsters—but by plastic pollution, cigarette butts, fishing gear, and all manner of debris that wash ashore from our cities and towns.

A team of 75 enthusiastic volunteers from Dell Technologies recently gave Route 135 in Hopkinton a thorough cleaning.

Massachusetts Sponsor A Highway® offers $100 referral donations to Keep Massachusetts Beautiful.

Summer cookouts do not have to happen at the expense of the environment.

Liberty Mutual volunteers clean up a highly littered area of Boston.

Volunteers from Trip Advisor helped clean up and beautify the Martin Luther King Jr. School and surrounding neighborhood.

The Great Massachusetts Cleanup kicked off with pre-race cleanups of the Boston Marathon route in Hopkinton and Ashland.

Thank you to Keurig Green Mountain Inc. for sponsoring the 2018 Great Massachusetts Cleanup.

Momentum is building for this year’s 3rd Annual Great Massachusetts Cleanup.

Learn about APCC's efforts to protect Cape Cod's ecosystem.

Spring is coming, so now is the time to organize a cleanup event in your community.

The Boston City Council passed an ordinance to reduce the use of plastic bags in the city. Is a state-wide law coming soon?

Our latest episode of Keeping Massachusetts Beautiful features Emily Norton, chapter director of the Massachusetts Sierra Club.

Each episode of Keeping Massachusetts Beautiful will invite a nonprofit leader, government agency leader, or business leader to discuss his or her cause.

Thanks to nearly 7,000 volunteers in 84 Massachusetts communities, 136 fewer tons of trash litter Massachusetts roadsides, parks, and beaches.

With encouragement from members of Don't Trash Wareham, the Town of Wareham recently installed 9 solar Big Belly trash compactors and recycling bins.

America Recycles Day is a nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States. Contact us for more information on how to promote recycling in your community.

COASTSWEEP 2017, Massachusetts’ annual state-wide beach cleanup, kicks off in September. Now is the time to sign up to be a local cleanup coordinator for your favorite beach, marsh, dive site, or riverbank.

Conserving water isn’t hard to do. With a little know-how and minimal effort, you can save gallons of water every week. If you don’t do it for Mother Nature, do it for your wallet

Keep Mansfield Beautiful recently completed a test of new anti-litter signs and the results were promising.

The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation recently named Keep Massachusetts Beautiful founder and executive director Neil Rhein a 2017 Myra Kraft Community Service MVP award winner. The award also included a $5,000 grant. Read more...

State House Representative Randy Hunt of Sandwich has filed a bill (House Bill no. 3528) that would add a 5-cent deposit on the sale of nips. The primary goal of the bill is to give consumers an incentive to return empty nip bottles, rather than toss them onto the streets.

With Earth Day (April 22) fast approaching, what will you do to protect Mother Earth? One way to make an impact is to join one of the many spring litter cleanups taking place in Massachusetts. We are currently coordinating with nearly 100 communities across the state as part of the 2017 Great Massachusetts Litter Cleanup.